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Benefits of our technology

  • Approved by Health Canada 

  • Effective against Covid 19, most virus and bacteria

  • Biodegradable and Economical (less product use to disinfect)

  • Efficient, less labor, and no wiping 

  • Proudly developed and made in Canada


This product is currently used in North America by many hospitals, clinics, dentits and schools, car-dealership, cleaning companies, and restaurants.

A technology with important potential usages

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Shops, Malls, Restaurants...


Be part of the production chain to ensure that product 
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Could be used to disinfect package and reduce the risk of contamination
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KPMC Biotech envisions a world where disinfection processes are seamless, cost-effective, and widespread, ensuring safer environments for all.


We commit our endeavors to the development and application of state-of-the-art technologies, crafting products that contribute to fostering a healthier world for everyone.

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Quadrant diffusion

A quadrant dispersion is applied to the liquid, which allows covering more surface without any wiping and then reducing labor costs. The surface remains dry after the diffusion.

Atomize process

The liquid is diffused as micro-thin particles (3-20 microns). Then, less liquid is necessary to disinfect a surface.

Proprietary solution

A solution that is attested by health Canada as effective to disinfect against Covid-19. Our solution is entirely biodegradable and respectful of the environment.

A complex technology


We've innovated a groundbreaking technology for efficient
environmental sterilization. Our products showcase remarkable
efficacy against not only COVID-19 but also various other
viruses. Going beyond traditional biotech, we've devised a
novel method for solution diffusion, enabling cost savings in
labor and products while significantly enhancing the overall
process effectiveness.


Introducing our cutting-edge household solutions: OPTI SPRAY and OPTILIGHT.

OPTI SPRAY, a powerful household cleaner with nanoscale atomization and a 99.9% sterilization rate, and OPTILIGHT, an adaptable air purifier generating millions of negative ions per second for a 99.9% sterilization rate. Elevate your living space effortlessly with OPTI SPRAY and OPTILIGHT.

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Take a breath of life

Tax not included| Free shipping everywhere in Canada

Only 139 $ +tax

Opti Light delivers deep air purification through its advanced UVC technology, which disrupts the DNA and RNA of organisms, ensuring the swift demise of bacteria and viruses. Achieving an impressive sterilization rate of 99.9%, Opti Light goes the extra mile by emitting millions of negative ions per second. These ions actively attract and eliminate airborne pollutants and microorganisms, effectively removing dust and odors.


All these features are seamlessly integrated into a minimalist design adaptable to various scenarios.


With a 240-minute battery life and innovative fan technology reducing noise by 30%, Opti Light not only enhances efficiency but also doubles its lifespan for sustained performance.

Get OPTI-LIGHT now! Delivered in 3-5 days with device and car support included. Elevate your space instantly!

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OPTILIGHT is the ideal solution for the disinfection of interior spaces

Enjoy healthier air even in indoor spaces


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Opti Light, the ultimate air purifier for your trips!

OptiLight is your ultimate choice for optimal purification even in the car.

Equipped with a stabilizing support, it purifies the surrounding air throughout your journeys.

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