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Beyond Biotech, we cover all the value chain

We go beyond technology innovation and look for products with high-market potential and strong branding and design.
We have secured industrial and commercial partnerships with manufacturers around the globe that allow us to scale easily and distribute faster our product all around the globe.

We care about the environment

Because we want to shape a better and safer world, we must protect the environment by making sure that all our products are biodegradable.
Our disinfecting solutions are eco-responsible and based on biodegradable products, we are a few to follow this path and hope that we will be more in a near future.
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KPMC Biotech is a fast-growing technology company that focuses on innovative solutions to ensure a healthy environment.
The company was created in 2020 by formers senior executives and is backed with important investments from private investors. The company has acquired a North American tech company that holds strategic proprietary technologies. KPMC Biotech invests mainly in research to pursue the development of new technologies and products.

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